The ZHRO™ Trucking Opportunity

The trucking sector represents a key pillar of the US economy, employing almost 9.6 million Americans and accounting for 5% of the country’s GDP.

Each year, 15.5 million trucks transport $671 Billion worth of manufactured and retail goods across the country. Market revenues are immense but profits continue to erode as fuel costs and other external influences continue to rise.

In Washington and Oregon alone, there are over 64,000 Class 7-8 trucks. Every one of these trucks can benefit from the ZHRO™ Fuel Technology System to help them reduce operating, repair and maintenance costs while lowering overall emissions.


Longer Oil Life 100%
Maintenance Reduction 80%
Fuel Savings 65%
Improved Operating Efficiency 60%
Lower Engine Temperatures 20%

Converting to Natural Gas

Major developments have been made to improve the emissions quality from diesel engines, but the trucking sector is still one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in America. Increasingly strict EPA emissions requirements are requiring trucking companies to adapt swiftly to improve emissions.

In order to comply with EPA Tier 4 standards, owners will either have to replace their trucks or opt for expensive, invasive retrofits.  ZHRO™’s affordable retrofit option allows an owner to salvage their existing equipment while still meeting emissions requirements. ZHRO™ can convert Class-4 through Class-8 diesel trucks to run on compressed natural gas or liquified Natural Gas.


Tax Incentives

At the Federal and State level, there are tax incentives available to encourage the switch to natural gas.

The Federal Government has an Alternative Fuel Infrastructure tax credit available for fueling station owners that install qualified natural gas fueling equipment at their locations.

There is also $0.50/gallon Alternative Fuel Excise Tax Credit that is available for alternative fuel that is sold or used to operate a vehicle. This tax credit further increases the spread between the price of diesel and natural gas making the switch to NG even more financially beneficial.

Follow the link to read more on these two Federal NG Tax Incentives.

In Washington State, The Department of Commerce administers the Energy Freedom Program which provides financial assistance to businesses for alternative fueling infrastructure alongside interstate corridors. Follow this link to learn more about the Washington State NG Tax Incentives.

In the state of Oregon, the state government provides a 35% tax credit for eligible costs of alternative fueling infrastructure projects. Follow this link to learn about this program and other Oregon NG Tax Incentives.


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