The opportunity is now—The move to natural gas will hold tremendous benefits for individuals, businesses and governments.

In the US today, with the development of new technology, we now have over 300 years supply of natural gas. This domestic, safe and abundant energy supply, together with the ZHRO™ Fuel Injector System, will transform the diesel engine into a far more efficient, clean and economical source of power.

All major domestic and international oil companies are moving significant amounts of their resources, efforts and focus into the natural gas industry, from exploration and development to infrastructure for fueling. Local, state and federal governments are offering significant tax incentives that encourage the switch to natural gas and companies like ZHRO™ and Evotech are leading the way to bring new technologies to market that will have far reaching benefits for trucking, power generation, mining, marine, locomotive and others.

Tier 4 Compliance F.A.Q

Frequently asked questions about the new EPA Tier 4 standards

What is Tier 4?

Tier 4 is a government mandated reduction in harmful exhaust gases for diesel powered equipment. Tier 4 standards will require significant emission reductions of particulate matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). PM is defined as the black smoke/soot found in engine diesel engine exhaust, and NOx is defined as nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

What is the timeline for Tier 4?

Tier 4 is comprised of two significant stages for different engine horsepower ratings. The first stage is a significant reduction of PM and NOx. The second stage is a further but substantial reduction of NOx only emissions.

What if I don't comply with Tier 4?

Throughout the country and within our local and state governments, emission requirements are rapidly changing. Compliance with emissions regulations is not a choice. In fact, it is mandatory in some places.

Noncompliance penalties can include:

  • Hefty fines
  • Enforcement by local and state agencies
  • Bid specifications and site permits that require diesel emissions reductions
  • Decreased profit margins and potential job loss
  • Legal actions, litigation costs and lost time.

Why Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is Affordable

Not only does natural gas make the most sense environmentally, it is also very affordable!

  • On an energy-equivalent basis, abundant supplies of natural gas are available at less than half the price of a barrel of oil.

  • when used for transportation purposes, natural gas is approximately 30 to 50 percent more affordable than gasoline and diesel.

  • Lower C02 Emissions

Natural Gas is Abundant

The vast domestic abundance of natural gas offers a secure, made-in-North America energy solution.

  •  technological innovations and recent discoveries shows that North America has over  100 years supply of natural gas.

  • every one percent increase in natural gas production creates up to 35,000 jobs.

  • displacing oil for transportation purposes could positively impact the North American trade balance by a staggering average of $160 billion every year

Natural Gas is Safe

The properties of natural gas as a fuel, the reliability of NGVs and the fuel delivery system make natural gas a safe alternative to gasoline.

  • all natural gas fueling stations must be built to federal standards that ensure high levels of safety. Additionally, natural gas is lighter than air, which means it easily dissipates in the unlikely event of a leak.

  •  the fuel storage cylinders used in CNG vehicles are stronger than gasoline fuel tanks.

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